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December 23, 2013


I would add another one horror: Devil with Blood-Signed Contract behind the Agile Facade.

Even if Scrum Master is not a vampire and Product Owner is engaged, decisive and active, often this might be just a fake 'agile facade'.
Both Scrum Master and Product Owner can fully believe in what they do, as the Project Team believes.
But behind this 'agile facade' there are two CEOs in lovely ties who had not read (or had not understood) http://agilesoftwaredevelopment.com/blog/peterstev/10-agile-contracts . They had signed the contract for fixed time, scope and budget and expect the particular contractual obligations to be fulfilled. This is a kind of "let the subjects play with agile" approach. This will result in various very unpleasant surprises when the time passes. Or can be the root cause of all the horrors you listed earlier.

Best regards,
Alex, https://www.offiserv.com

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