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February 19, 2013


Brilliant! Probably the most lucid analysis of the epitaphs of methods I've read.

Should be required reading in all technology and project management training.

Thank you.

Thank you for this, Mike! You've just nailed why my blog has been titled "Rediscovering the Obvious" for years since its inception ;) I would appreciate if you could add external references for #'s 1 & 3.

Hi Eric,

I like the name "Rediscovering the Obvious" it really fits here, although I guess it is only obvious when looking back. Anyway, as requested I have added an external link for #1, #3 is covered in the same reference as #4.

Best regards

I enjoyed reading your article..Thanks!

Amazing...original Waterfall paper predicts "step 5: involve the customer". Among others misunderstoods this impressed me!
Julio Caldas

I suspect Agile will get remembered as a quality movement lime tqm.

Small teams, co located teams, Good for small projects, write tests as you go.

Well put!
Anders Larsson

Very interesting topic and thanks for great posting.

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