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May 24, 2012


I got 2 wrong. I got number 14 wrong, as I had never heard of active listening. Which of the books on the reading list covers that?

And I got number 16 wrong. I picked "the development team". "In what order should we execute the work" made me think of tasks rather than desirements. I think the question is poorly worded. Executing work sounds like something related to producing the solution once the problem is given, which is a team level decision. I would rather see it worded something like "In what order should we deliver the features?". Or something.

Hi Kurt,

It sounds like you did pretty well. Active Listening is from Lyssa Adkins 'Coaching Agile Teams..." book and the sequencing of project work question is referencing backlog prioritization, which is more business oriented than project team oriented. I agree that the question wordings are not always straightforward, but this is to match the exam formats used.

Thanks for trying out the questions and leaving a comment.

Best regards


I scored a meager 7 out of 20, but I take it as a wake up call.

Hi Rak,

Not to worry, keep at it and you will be scoring well in no time!


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