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April 17, 2012


I have seen lately some applications of Agile for product development, and HBR slowly mentions it more and more, I believe even the new ACP certification will help for the awareness of Agile. It'll happen, but it'll take time, my guess is ~5 years. We just need a Toyota-like company with the need and bold enough to take the risk, one big success story will make the difference.

Interesting Article.

I ran a development team in the UK's NHS where we implemented Scrumban. The area we worked in dealt with all the data that flows in and around the NHS and employed a large number of statisticians. Once we started inviting them to our stand-ups the stats teams quickly produced their own kanban boards and started having their own stand-ups. Even the "Prince 2 only" Project Management Office picked it up and had their own kanban board.

I left there a couple of years ago but I believe they are still using all the approaches we taught them and I must say it was a great thing to see especially as the mantra at the time was that "Agile doesn't work in the pubic sector" which, of course, is rubbish.

Great post. The book from Mark Addleson that you recommended looks very interesting. I'm looking for examples of non-software application of agile methods too. Jeff Shuterland, co-autor of Scrum framework, sometimes reports some cases like this http://scrum.jeffsutherland.com/2012/04/scrum-future-for-education.html.

Hi Yoris,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I wrote a post on the use of agile outside of software last year that might be of interest to you.

Best regards

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