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March 14, 2012


Using F2F for your morning standup and IM as the default for everything else during the day is incredibly productive. I find that even when I know that I need a F2F, I can send a quick ping to see if someone is available and know that they're in the middle of something and to give them 15 minutes.

One key is an IM client that has a flexible notification scheme so that you can setup the notifications to do the right amount of disruption for you. On windows I use Pidgin, with Pidgin GNTP which uses windows growl. That gives me tremdous power over all windows notifications (I go with subtle grey in the lower right corner of my primary screen with a brief timeout and short timeout).


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for sharing, that sounds a good combination. Being able to tune the level of interruption is very useful and varies from person to person.


Good points. Too much face time can be counter-productive. Yet, overly relying upon IM and texting can also generate waste. It's always about balance and we need to be sensitive to the fact that each of us has a different balance point. Trying electronic messaging as a first pass approach makes sense. But, if either party feels the need for face time, make it so.


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