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February 17, 2012


"Never have I worked so hard, to write so little, about agile."

I know how you feel (I wrote the original draft of the stuff in Chapter 2). I appreciate any feedback you may have on it.

Hey Bakevin,

Thanks for dropping by, someonelse who appreciates the struggle!

For Chapter 2, saying the early iterations may focus on planning seemed to sell short the risk mitigation (proof of concepts) and scope clarification work that is also done. I would suggest ammending the last line to say "...although early iterations may concentrate on planning activities or building prototypes to trial approaches and verify understanding."


Hi Mike. I find it amazing that in 2011 with such widespread adoption of agile methods, a document that represents the body of knowledge for project managers barely acknowledges its existence and certainly does not make any serious attempt to integrate it or even describe it as an alternative method. I also care passionately about this, and cannot understand why it is not being addressed more seriously. A while ago I wrote a post where I showed how iteration management, which embodies a lot of the agile methods, could be incorporated quite easily within one particular section of PMBOK. Although this is still not extensive, simply acknowledging this and incorporating iteration management as one way of managing project execution would be a huge step forward in my view. You can see the details here -



Hi Kelly,

Yes, for us it seems weird. There is a big disconnect and a real risk of PMI material being further criticized as rigid and disconnected with reality, yet efforts to address it are an uphill struggle. When approaching the V5 rewrite I (naively) assumed we would start with a mind set of “OK, what has changed in the PM world, how do we need to bring the PMBOK up to date?”. However the mindset was “OK, we have a page count limit, and a bunch of outstanding change requests hanging over from v4, apply those and see what else needs changing, but be aware changes to inputs and outputs are tricky since they necessitate co-ordination between multiple review groups.

Instead I hold out more hope for the “Software Extension to the PMBOK Guide” http://bit.ly/puB2Vh which we have more control over. Thanks for the link to your post. I created an agile to PMBOK mapping a few years ago also. http://bit.ly/dt4OCz


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