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March 08, 2011


So, I would consider myself an Agile Project Manager. I have been managing Agile projects since 2003, I have spoken at national conferences and am now coaching a leading financial organisation through it's Agile transformation programme. But... according to your criteria above I couldn't be considered for PMI Agile certification as I haven't undergone 21 days of "Agile Project Management" training??

I think this post shows certification up for what it really is... a driver for selling training, rather than a driver for ensuring quality in Agile project management.

I'll certainly be passing up on this offer!

Hi Mike A,

Please remember this is not “my criteria above” but the PMI’s. And if you re-read it you will see is not 21 days of training, but 21 hours (3 days) which, achieved anytime in the last 10+ years, is not a whole bunch of related training to average. I think if the PMI was just out to drive training as you suggest they would have put a time limit on the 3 days training (i.e. achieved in the last 2 years) or better still, make training part of the ongoing requirement for maintaining the certification, which is not the case either. Your choice to pass it up is entirely yours and respected, but since your company appears to offer agile training that would qualify people for the certification, also a little ironic.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts, certification is not for everyone, and I acknowledge this alternative viewpoint.

Best regards
Mike G.

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