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December 02, 2008


Good points. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. It's definitely a wake up call to me. I'll have to book that medical checkup I've been putting off.

Hi Guy,

It is good to hear from you again. Yes, get that medical done! At least for some peace of mind.

All the best

Hi Mike,

I was alarmed reading your post, but fascinated at the same time.
Only can someone like you be so calm and evaluate the procedures in a hospital, as they are being applied to you. A true professional ;)

Get better and get lots of rest. The mountains will still be there for you when you return.

All the best, JR

Hey JR,

Thanks for your comment. I’d attribute the calmness more to Valium than professionalism, but I was also very fortunate to have access to such good care that puts you at ease.

I’m doing fine now and have been given the doctor’s all clear to resume gym work and climbing which is an early bonus.

Best regards

Great post. My son had a fractured collar bone from a basketball game on Friday last week. As we were waiting in the doctors office, he asked me why we had to wait so long. I took the opportunity to explain how the system was optimized for the utilization of the constrained resource at the hospital - the doctor - and not for the convenience of the patient. It was a great educational opportunity.

Sorry to hear about your troubles - although your analysis of a hospital system made me smile. I'm surprised that you didn't find things to optimise while you were there. Keep well and keep writing.

Hi Mike,

I just read this post. I'm sorry to hear you had these problems, but so glad that you are feeling better now. All the best!!


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