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September 22, 2008


Howdy Mike,

Nice synthesis of Last Planner method. You sound well versed. One point of clarification - the Last Planner is meant to be the construction foremen, not actually the guy swinging the proverbial hammer. The name came from the "Last" guy to "Plan" the work. I distinguish between the "CEO" planning system to emphasize this point.

Thanks for your posting. Exposing the PMI group to Lean Construction techniques is great. PMI is the one industry recognized professional association that has the reach and breadth to have real impact.

Have a great day,
Matt Horvat, PMP, EIT, SSBB, MSE, MBA
Project Coach
Lean Project Consulting

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your comments. My exposure to Last Planner was with one custom home builder. They were timber frame specialists and everyone was quite experienced. In this one limited example, the actual workers (guys with saws) were engaged with the foreman in creating the Weekly Work Plan. However, i can see how this might be problematic on regular build projects and the foreman would be preferable.

Thanks for explaining this.

Best regards

Mike Griffiths
Leading Answers

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