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January 17, 2008


Hardly a top 10 of Agile estimation techniques. This would make a good list for all/any frameworks.

Go ahead and re-label the post "Top 10 Estimation Best Practices."

Hi Craig,

Thanks, that is a good point. I have re-titled the post.


I think that these 10 estimation of practices make a good way to work together with other people and a way to improve the business. Working together and agreeing with each other, show's what the atmosphere is like in the business.

I recently had a create conversation with Phil Armour on estimation for my podcast (Software Process and Measurement Cast - www.spamcast.net). One of the major points was that the concepts of estimation and planning are often confused (very true early in a project). The focus on planning early in a project can lead to a narcotic of false precision therefore leading people to expect the date or cost of an initial estimate.

Hi Tom,

Agreed. On SW projects estimates are at best today's collective speculation of most likely outcome. These views should be written in quick fading ink, treated with caution, and revisited often.

Thanks for reading and your comment.


I find that your post covers in brief all that we need to know/to do – to arrive at a good estimate. I gave recommended this to my friends and colleagues in my organization.

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