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November 20, 2007


Thank you for your agile estimation post as I am preparing for an interview for a business development role with an agile software developer. Also I am excited about finding another "project" oriented blog that posts fairly frequently- very rare. My blog www.projectmanagement411.com is a month old- I concentrate on how a company can use PMOs/project management to execute strategies and innovate. Our points of view are different but very complimentary as I have experience with lean and theory of constraints methods that often mirror agile methods. Also trading comments with another "similar topic" blog www.activeengine.wordpress.com. Hope we can all find some common ground.

Hi Mike,

Great summary. Something else that I think people forget when estimating projects is that the point of estimation is NOT to get an accurate number (not possible, too many factors).

Rather it is determine if the project is even possible to complete. More of a yes no.

I guess the sense you are hinting at this also.

Great post -


Hi Mike,
Thanks very much for a great articles on Agile estimation. I believe that Estimation in software engineering is an attempt to bring some degree of finite possibilities and a predictive judgement on its completion. But looking at the dynamics of the world, it is simply impossible to arrive at an accurate estimation for a projects because of highly un-predictable scenarios. In this respect i would like to mention that i have greatly benefited by using the PERT estimation techniques as it gives us a flexibility on estimation based on team compostion at the begining of the project and as the project progresses, the team become more knowledeable regarding the system, thus their productivity drag get reduced over time and the estimation which was done during the iniiation of the project may not stand right. So frequent estimation re-visit (Ideally after each iteration) will give you a clear picture, in terms of productivity increase, efficiency and also delivery quality as well.

Please let me know if my thoughts were correctly placed...

Sanjay Roy
IT Engagement Manager
Cadence Design Systems (India)

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