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July 08, 2007


I teach a 2-day intro to Agile Methods at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and recently commented about my experiences with this course in my blog. Your outline looks sound, and you may want to consider the following:

* Some commentary (brief) on how this all came about - the creation of the Agile Manifesto, etc.
* Reworking of some of your bullet points. For example, I would replace "difficulty in articulating requirements" with "recognition and response to uncertainties."
* More specificity about self-directed teams, and the "project manager" as facilitator on projects and not as dictator.
* The responsibility the customer and business have on Agile projects vs. simply being sponsors and stakeholders.
* Resisting the primal urge (after all, you're presenting at the Global PMI conference...:)) to superimpose process and waterfall techniques onto Agile methods.

You should also expect to be challenged and grilled on what you present - not with hostility (hopefully) but you're cutting against the grain of everything that these people know and believe in. Especially PMPs. There is nothing wrong with their concerns, and we have to have good answers to them.

Take a look at my post for my similar experiences, and feel free to contact me if I can be of any help.

Bob McIlree

Hi Bob,

Many thanks for writing up these suggestions, they are all good points that I agree with and will incorporate into my paper and presentation.

Best regards

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