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May 11, 2007


This is one of the most succinct, compelling writeups on the need to break projects up into smaller pieces, and to keeps teams as small as possible.

It's also useful for risk and expectations management for projects that just have to be big.

Well done.

Hi Demian

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Just my 2 cents : on small teams of 8 people, the number of communication channels is 8*7/2 = 28, not 16. Great post anyway!



Thanks, you are correct, my math was wrong. I have corrected it now, many thanks for pointing it out.

Best regards

1. What is Proactive Project Management?
2. Looking for answers with example "You to own the project"? "You to Drive the project?", "you have to get into the plan" , "You have to do more proactive project management"

Hi Ramu,

I do not think I mentioned "Proactive Project Management" in this post, but in this context I would take that to mean actively seeking ways to reduce large project risks by making the projects smaller. I.E. not just hoping that the risks will not occur, but instead taking project reductions actions.

Best regards

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